#Party Food


Servings For 6
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Sweet Tomato Beef Filling
10.5oz Campbell’s
Sweet Tomato
Pasta Sauce
1 can
Ground Beef 300g
Mushroom 300g
Jalapeño (chopped) 35g
Red Onion ½ pc
Black Pepper A pinch
Creamy Cheesy Chicken Filling
10.5oz Campbell’s
Creamy Garlic Cheese
Pasta Sauce
1 can
Chicken Breast 300g
Mixed Green Salad 60g
Avocado 3 pcs
Red Onion ½ pc
Cheese Slices 16pcs/
Shredded Cheese 150g
Tortilla Wrap 2 packs
Olive Oil 2 tbsp
Slice onion and mushrooms into strips
Slice avocados into pieces and cut the chicken breast into strips.
Add 1 tbsp oil on the frying pan. Then add mushrooms & black pepper on it and sauté until it is cooked. Set aside on a plate.
Stir fry ground beef and half of the red onion on the same pan. Pour in Campbell’s Sweet Tomato Pasta Sauce and cook under medium heat until beef is cooked. Set aside.
Add 1 tbsp oil on another frying pan and sauté the chicken breast & another half of red onion. Pour in Campbell’s Creamy Garlic Cheese Pasta Sauce, season with black pepper and cook under medium heat until chicken is cooked. Set aside.
Cut a slit from the center point of the tortilla to bottom edge
Divide the tortilla into 4 pieces. Place different fillings on it (see below for details).
Sweet Tomato Beef Filling : beef -> mushroom -> Jalapeño -> cheese
Creamy Cheesy Chicken Filling : chicken -> avocado -> green salad -> cheese
Wrap the tortilla: Starting from the bottom left corner and wrap upwards along the slit. Then fold towards the top right corner, and finally fold down back to the bottom right corner (Wrap it in a clockwise sequence).
Grill the tortilla in a pan about 1 minute per side. Ready to serve.
  1. Mix and match your own fillings based on your preferences.
  2. Do not place too many fillings on each tortilla in order to avoid the sauce will leak out during wrapping/ consuming.
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