#Party Food

Korean Kimchi Seafood Borsch Stew

Servings For 2
Please click the video to understand more!
10.5oz Campbell’s
Borsch Condensed Soup
1 can
Water 4-5 cups
Clam 200-300g
Shrimp 4-6 pcs (deveined and shell-on)
Korean Glass Noodle (Thick) 30g (cooked)
Enoki Mushroom 1 pack
Shiitake Mushroom 1 pack
Korean Soybean Paste 1.5 tbsp
Korean Kimchi 50g
Baby Bok Choy 50g
Garlic 3 cloves
Scallion 2 stalks
Tofu 1 pc
Heat a pot. Add oil to stir fry scallion and garlic until fragrant. Add clams to cook with lid until opened. Dish out and set aside.
Add water and Campbell’s Borsch Condensed Soup. Boil over low heat, then add shrimps and baby bok choy to continue boiling until stock turned bubbly. Take shrimps out, plated separately and set aside.
Add kimchi and soybean paste into the stock and mix well.
Add shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, tofu and glass noodle, then place back shrimps and clams into the pot and serve.
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